Tesla Powerwall
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Powerwall –the best innovation since the personal computer?

Can you even remember life before the personal computer? We had basic calculators for complex formulas, but they had little to no storage. Instead, we were dependent upon books, magazines and notebooks for the storage of all information we kept at our homes or outside of a mainframe computer. We are a bit further along […]

Solar Impulse
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Another truly amazing example of solar innovation: SOLAR IMPULSE’S FIRST ROUND-THE-WORLD SOLAR FLIGHT Solar Impulse is the only airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night on solar power, without a drop of fuel. Their challenge is to attempt the First Round-The-World Solar Flight in 2015. A way for Bertrand Piccard, André Borschberg […]

Solar RV Charger Kit
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You Don’t Have to Go “All In” to Win with Solar

There’s been a steady trend of diversification in our energy sources. Yes, coal and oil still serve as the world’s primary fuels, but the abundance and low price of other resources (natural gas, for example) is getting energy companies to rethink their approach to meeting the always increasing demand. So, they’re also bringing nuclear, hydroelectric, […]